About Thallo

Who we are

Thallo is a Greek company which designs, creates and distributes jewellery.

Our philosophy is to create personalized jewels of high quality in affordable prices.

We offer the chance to our customers to design their own unique and personalized, jewellery, wedding wreaths and decorative items.

History of Thallo

It all started in the 80‘s when Theodore and Viktoria Peleki came up with the idea to create an everlasting flower jewel.

It took them more than a decade of constant research to evolve the know-how of transforming all kinds of flowers into high quality jewelry.

In the late 90’s Thallo was created and borrowed the name of the ancient Greek goddess of blossom. In the same period, Thallo made its first public appearance.

No later than 2000, the first Thallo store opened.

From then on, the company has developed a sales network in Greece and abroad.